Sacyr strengthens its focus on PPP projects and accelerates the reduction of net debt with recourse to pursue its 2021-2025 strategic plan



Sacyr decided to actively explore the possibility of carrying out a divestment plan to accelerate the objectives of the 2021-2025 strategic plan: to increase its focus on P3 activity, reduce net debt with recourse and promote business growth water management.

To achieve these objectives, the market study plan is based on three actions: First, a sale of 49% of Sacyr Services. The funds from this transaction will be used to reduce the net debt with recourse.

In addition, this selection process will seek an investment partner for 49% of Sacyr Water to foster the growth of this sector which presents promising expansion opportunities for the years to come.

Lately, Sacyr will continue to rotate non-strategic and/or minority stakes in P3 assets in order to geographically balance the asset portfolio.

Debt reduction two years ahead

Sacyr expects these various transactions to be concluded next year, with the ultimate objective of drastically reducing the net debt with recourse two years in advance, a target set for 2025 in the Strategic Plan.

Despite the complex macroeconomic scenario, the Strategic Plan is on track to be delivered. The company will end the 2022 financial year with revenues above 5 billion eurosclose to €5.5 billion target set for 2025.

In addition, the target of 85% of the group’s EBITDA coming from P3 assets has already been achieved in H1 2022. These activities, with low demand risk, produce stable and recurring income.

More resources for growth

This disposal plan will provide additional resources to accelerate the growth of P3 infrastructure assets in the group’s priority markets. by Sacyr objective is a balanced distribution of the portfolio, with 33% of assets Latin America33% in Europe and the remaining 33% in English-speaking countries.


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