ProVen VCT plc: net asset value update



ProVFr VCT plc (the company”)
Updated unaudited NAV
21 January 2022

Updated unaudited NAV

The Company is pleased to announce an updated unaudited net asset value (NAV) following the exchange of contracts for the sale of one of its portfolio companies, subject to certain regulatory approvals.

In isolation, the impact of the conditional sale on the last announced NAV per share of the Company of 74.2 pence (being the unaudited NAV of the Company as at 31 August 2021, less the dividend of 1.5p paid by the Company on 10 December 2021), would be an increase of 4.3 pence per share to a new net asset value per share of 78.5 pence. The unaudited revised NAV also takes into account the changes in the Company’s share capital resulting from the allocation of shares under the dividend reinvestment plan in December 2021 and the share buyback announced in November and December 2021. The Company emphasizes that the increase in the unaudited net asset value per share of this conditional sale is isolated from other changes in the Company’s balance sheet, including valuation and other transaction movements in the company’s investment portfolio. Company, which may also have affected the net asset value per share since August 31, 2021.

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Beringea LLP
Company Secretary
Telephone 020 7845 7820

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