Man Utd’s net debt rose by £95.4m in 2022



Manchester United released their latest financial statements on Thursday.

Manchester United have published their financial results for the financial year 2022, which reveal that the club’s net debt has increased by 22.7%.

This means a jump from £419.5m to £514.9m, while the latest results detail that £33.6m in dividends have been paid to shareholders.

The club also announced a net loss of £115.5m in 2021/22, despite an 18% increase in revenue to £583.2m.

United claimed a £64.6m cost in unrealized currency was partly to blame for the numbers as well as the weakening pound.

Cliff Baty, Chief Financial Officer, said: “Our financial results for fiscal 2022 reflect a recovery from the pandemic, a full fan return and new business partnerships offset by increased investment in the player squad.

A £33.6million payment in dividends will increase United fans’ anger at the Glazers. Credit: Getty.

“Our results were impacted by the absence of a summer tour in July 2021, significant one-off and increased utility costs, and the impact of the weaker pound sterling on our non-cash finance costs.

“Looking forward to financial year 2023, the club expects revenue of £580-600m despite participating in the Europa League, and adjusted EBITDA of £100-110m, reflecting continued investment in the ‘crew.”

The return of fans to matches, after two Covid-impacted campaigns, saw a 1,456% increase to £110.5m, while commercial revenue rose 11% to £257.8m.

United’s revenue for the 2022/23 season will also be impacted by a lack of Champions League football, but is expected to be boosted by a summer tour of Australia and Asia.

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