Live Company Group PLC experiences increase with the signing of two new contracts


Live Company Group PLC (AIM:LVCG) saw its shares rise 8.6% to 4p after announcing it had signed two contracts for BRICKLIVE shows.

The first deal for is Paw Patrol, a children’s TV show, and is with Northampton BID, which will run from March 12 to March 27.

The second is with a heritage steam railway for Paddington which will take place during the May mid-term and is the second time the company will work with a heritage railway company, according to a statement.

2:10 p.m .: Evraz investors not yet concerned about possible sanctions

Evraz PLC (LSE:EVR) rose 23% despite the company saying it was preparing for a “severe downside scenario” as the situation in Ukraine worsens.

The steel giant said its revenue would rise from $9.7m in 2020 to $14m in 2021 as shares climbed 211p.

Its profits have also increased about fourfold to $3.1 billion, with plans to move forward in 2022 to improve its operational performance.

So far, the company hasn’t been hit by any of the sanctions imposed on Russia, but believes that if it were to be hit, it will have to cut spending by $500 million a year and look to the market to raise capital for 2023 and 2024. .

12:59 p.m .: Net debt a concern for IMI investors

IMI PLC (LSE:IMI) today released its preliminary results for the year ending December 31, 2021, which saw its shares fall 3.47% to 1455p.

Despite an increase in revenue and operating profit from a year earlier, investors apparently clung to net debt which nearly doubled from £316m to £623m.

The engineering company said the increase in net debt incorporates a share buyback program and the acquisition of Adaptas, a maker of solutions for scientific laboratory equipment.

The company said it expects “adjusted earnings per share for the year 2022 to exceed 100p”, currently at 92p.

11:46 am: Tintra shares soar on progress in asset sale

Tintra PLC Inc (AIM:TNT), up 37% at 220p, was the biggest riser on Friday after informing shareholders of the sale of certain assets.

The company has previously flagged some regulatory and administrative complexities associated with the sale of Prize Provision Services’ assets to Sterling Management Centre.

These have now been materially resolved.

11:10 a.m .: Ncondezi dives after giving an update on his working capital

Ncondezi Energy Limited fell 7.5% to 0.008p following an update to its working capital facility term loan with Seritza Limited.

The energy development company said the current amount outstanding is $300,000, but reassured investors that it had enough cash to repay the loan and remain funded through the end of the first half of the year. the year.

He added that he was in restructuring talks with Seritza, which could lead to a maturity extension as well as potential cashless settlement solutions.

Ncondezi plans to submit a written loan restructuring proposal no later than March 4, 2022, with Seritza indicating that it will not draw on the loan for a period of 30 days while the restructuring is finalized.

10:15 am: Eurasia Mining is not affected by the sanctions against Russia

Eurasia Mining PLC (AIM:EUA) jumped 28% to 14p after announcing that current sanctions imposed by the UK, US and EU will have no impact on its operations.

The palladium, platinum, rhodium, iridium and gold-producing company operating in Russia reaffirmed that it has no accounts or relationships with Russian state-owned banks, which have been subject to sanctions.

He also said that a weak ruble will have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line when selling metals in domestic markets.

The sanctions do not prevent the company from executing any of its strategies in the region.

9:18 a.m.: Seplat ramps up following the acquisition of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited

Seplat Energy Plc (LSE:SEPL) climbed 8.6% to 101p after reaching an agreement to acquire the entire share capital of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited.

Completion of the transaction is subject to ministerial consent and other required regulatory approvals.

The company is paying US$1,283 million up front, plus up to US$300 million in contingent consideration.

Petro Matad Limited (AIM:MATD, OTC:PRTDF) plunged 8.7% to 3.7p following an operational update citing possible delays to its drilling program.

The company has advanced negotiations with operational contractors for the 2022 works program and secured price reductions from the 2019 drilling program. The Mongolia-focused explorer is pushing for operational activity to begin after the break winter in the second quarter of 2022, with Heron 1 re-entering, boosting and completing production. Much of the equipment and personnel needed for this work are already in Mongolia.

However, at this time, the timing of the availability of drilling equipment and crews to drill additional Heron wells has not been confirmed by the contractors. China’s most active drilling contractor as well as other, mostly Chinese, service providers have been impacted by Covid-related travel restrictions.

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